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And then what!? By JoJo


A time like this last year, wait that’s even too far… like 4 months ago, if you’d come up to me and asked me what I’m doing with my life, I’d easily tell you I’m going to college, taking math, biology and chemistry and hopefully gonna go into university and take biomedical science and if I’ll still be interested in doing medicine, branch into medicine and have my career. After sorting out my career get a husband, have 2 kids and life goes on. I thought I had it all planned out and I was very contented with that.
Lately… I’m just not with it anymore. I am 20 years old and came to England 2 years ago from Africa, Kenya specifically. I’ve always talked about being a doctor literally all my life and when I came here, that was still my plan. Well the first year of college went by and I did my AS exams which didn’t come out as great as I expected, so applying for medicine to Uni would be pointless coz my grades were not upto the standard for medicine, unless I applied to the ‘not so good’ medical unis, which I opted not to. I decided to apply for biomed and hopefully go into medicine later on, that is if I’ll still be interested.
Well that’s what I had planned and it’s still my plan but I’m still not contented with it because that’s gonna take up almost 10yrs and maybe more and thing is, I won’t be growing any younger!
The basic cycle of life is
Born->Go to school->Get a job->Raise a family->Die? What the hell!? Well raising a family and kids is a great gift that God gave us, coz that’s basically a whole life entrusted to us and that’s an amazing thing to do! But my question is does it really have to end there? And then what.. just sit back and wait to die? At first I really didn’t see anything wrong with raising kids and retiring coz being African and seeing how well my grand parents are taken care of by my aunties and uncles, i was cool with it really. Man they are treated like royalty!! but seeing how the world is going, I just don’t want to get to a point where I become a burden and my kids put me in a home to die there! It’s already happening to people!
I’m young, well in terms of living alone, paying my own bills,.. I’ve not experienced any of that yet but that doesn’t mean I’m blind. My mother told me that when you come to this country you cease to have a life or friends because you live to pay bills, pay loans, pay mortgage…. pay..pay.. pay so what you’ve got to do is wake up every single day and go work come home and the cycle continues! What’s the essence of living such a life? This wouldn’t possibly be the reason why God created me!
A man once said that there is a thing about peace that makes people forget to live. Now don’t get him wrong, he said that in the sense that we get too comfortable with life, focusing too much on earning a living, then we completely forget to live. He went on to add, people are dying everyday for us to live, to mean the soldiers. Think about it, when our lives are in danger, that’s when we start appreciating it. When you realise you have cancer or other terminal illnesses, you start living each day like it means something.
Think about it, are you living or just existing? You’re too precious to just waste away the potential that lies in you. Stand up, realise your potential, work towards it! Fall down seven times? get up eight times and continue to work to be the best there will ever be! You deserve to live. We all do. VIA JOJO


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