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Double M bus torched in Mathare


A Double M driver of the bus torched in Mathare early Sunday morning has revealed the horrific experience he went through before irate youth set the vehicle ablaze. According to Hector Osienyo, he woke as usual to carry out his Sunday routine of ferrying worshippers to the Winners Chapel Church in Nairobi before he was blocked by youths armed with crude weapons at his first pick-up point in Mathare.

Here is what happened in his own words… “I was doing my usual pickup from different estates ready to ferry church goers to the Winners Chapel in Nairobi. When I drove to Mathare North, I found roads blocked and I had to find an alternative route.

“The new route was blocked by a crowd of young men carrying machetes and stones and they ordered me out of the vehicle. They then demanded to know my tribe. “They smashed windows of the vehicle, harassed, robbed passengers and burnt the vehicle. I boarded a boda boda to Huruma Police Station to report the incident. “No one was hurt in the incident, but I was slapped with a panga on my cheek,” a tensed Mr Osienyo told Standard Digital. Express Connection (Double M) CEO and proprietor, Mary Wangari, condemned the incident and blamed politicians for the incident. “It is very sad that our country is turning to what it is now, loss of property, lives and we keep on wondering what for? I think we are getting deeper into a critical situation. “If you can’t run your business peacefully, then there is no freedom. The people we are all fighting for are comfortable somewhere.
“What we need is peace, to conduct our daily routines. How many people are going to lose bread….there’s a driver, conductor, a mechanic who repairs that bus and a fuel attendant,” an agitated Wangari lamented. VIA Standard Media


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