Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe remained in power even as many expected he would resign, following news of a planned press conference on Sunday night.

Mugabe has ruled over Zimbabwe for 37 years since 1980.


In a press conference on Sunday night, in which he was accompanied by military chiefs and he was widely expected to resign, Mugabe did not give any hint of stepping down.

Earlier on Sunday, he was sacked as leader of Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU-PF. His wife Grace Mugabe was also expelled from the party.

Thousands of citizens had protested on Saturday in Harare, calling for Mugabe’s resignation.


But in his speech on Sunday night, President Mugabe said the military remained respectful and did not undermine him.

“As president of Zimbabwe, [I] do acknowledge the issues they have drawn my attention to,” he said, alluding to a meeting he had with the military and other parties.

He praised ZANU-PF for respecting rules and procedures, and being a party of traditions.

Mugabe also said he would be presiding over the ZANU-PF congress, which is scheduled for December.

He urged leaders to learn to forgive in Zimbabwe comradeship spirit.

The president said the country is now re-focussed and urged citizens to move forward together. VIA Daily Nation


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