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The final kick


Sudan the last white male northern rhino is dead.

Sudan died at the Olpejeta conservancy,Laikipia at the age of 45. Prior to his death,the rhino had been suffering from age related complications and infections. The veterinarians taking care of him decided to euthanize him after his health continued to deteriorate leaving him in a lot of pain.

Sudan was dabbed the most eligible bachelor seeing as he was the only male of his species still alive. His status as the only living male of his species saw the conservancy put him up on Tinder,a dating site,to help raise money for a northern white rhino breeding campaign.

At his death, Sudan leaves behind only two surviving northern white rhinos,his daughter Najin and his granddaughter Fatu. The two remain the only chance at saving Sudan’s kind from extinction.

Even to his death, Sudan remained a firm ambassador for the campaign to save his species as his genetic material was collected for future attempts at reproduction of northern white rhinos through advanced cellular technology.



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